Oh Zacky, Dear Zacky...

Zack will be 2 in May! He is getting so big, and as he's growing up, he's getting quite a little personality and it makes us laugh everyday! I've been meaning to write down some of the funny things he does so that I won't forget (and if you know me well, you know that I forget things very easily...). I figured I would do it here so that everyone could enjoy them with us!

December 2010
I went with a friend of mine one day to get her oil changed, and then out to lunch after. Zack was getting a little restless waiting, and he got loose from me and ran off. When I turned the corner to see where he'd gone, he was laying on the rug in front of the help desk. I kept asking him to get up, but he was laughing as he rolled around and kicked the air on the gross mat. At least he was having fun! All I could do was laugh!
February 2011
We were having family prayer in Zack's room before bed time. During food prayers he is very good about folding his arms and trying to help say the prayer. But family prayers are a little bit more difficult to stay focused on for the little guy. And being the "wonderful examples" that we are, we sometimes open our eyes to peek on Zack to see if he's folding his arms. We have him sit on one of our lap's while the other one prays. I was saying the prayer, and Clayton and I both peeked up at Zack. Zack decided he needed to play "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" during the prayer. (the only ones he does is head and toes... But you know that's what he's doing!) So as I'm praying Zack is reaching to touch his head, and then making a big effort to lean down to touch his toes, as Clayton was holding him he was a bit of an effort for him! We both began to laugh and it took all I had for me to finish the prayer with some dignity. But afterwords, we decided Heavenly Father has a sense of humor as well, and was probably laughing right along with us! :)

January 2011
When we first put Zack into his toddler bed, it was quite a task getting him to stay in bed. The only thing we could find that worked was for one of us to lay on his floor and if he tried to escape, we would be there to remind him to stay in bed. On one particular night, it was my turn. I was so frustrated because I'd been laying on his floor for an hour and a half trying to get him to stay put and relax and go to sleep. But of course, when I'm frustrated, Zack always finds a way to be adorable and loosen my mood. I couldn't see him, but I could hear him saying "muah! muah!" I peeked up to see what he was doing and he was repeatedly giving his Curious George he had in bed with him kisses! The kisses lasted for a good 5 minutes as I tried to contain my laughing. Then it stopped and I hear him saying, "eh? oh? mou?" Again, I was laying low so he couldn't see me. So I lifted myself up to see what he was doing. He was practicing his anatomy as he pointed to his head (eh), his nose (oh), and then his mouth (mou). He did this several times, and then drifted off to sleep. I left the room as quickly as I could so that I could finally laugh out loud!

December 2010
We had gotten a package in the mail for Christmas. The box was still out and we found Zack climbing inside. Not only did he climb inside, but he tired to close himself inside. Guess he wanted to be mailed off to Cali for Christmas early!
January 2011
Zack only gets his binkie when he goes to sleep. He knows this rule very well, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's always happy about it. One morning we were playing in his room (it was about 9:30am... no where NEAR nap or bed time!) and he saw his binkie up on the dresser. He pointed to it saying, "dee dee?" (I'm assuming he was trying to say 'binkie.') I told him, "No. It's not night-night time. You only get your binkie when you go night-night." And without missing a beat, he ran to his bed, laid down and said, "nigh-nigh? dee dee?" All I could do was laugh, and tell him it still wasn't time. What a smart little kid!

January 2011
Zack learned how to get into mischief. I didn't know he had it in him, but Zack discovered how to climb one day. Check out my little dare-devil here.

February 2011
Zack is learning how to play. He isn't always one to play rough on his own, but he loves to wrestle with Mommy and Daddy. One night he decided to use his imagination during play. Clayton would tackle Zack to the ground. Zack would then kick his feet up and Clayton would "be launched" by Zack's kick back on to the floor. Then Zack would get up, run and jump on Clayton's stomach. Clayton would play like he was wounded. Then he would tip Zack upside-down and bounce him saying, "Give me all your lunch money," and the imaginary money would fall out of Zack's pockets. Zack would be released, laughing, and would then tackle Clayton again. Clayton would "throw" Zack down to the floor, and the whole game would start all over again! I had so much fun that night just sitting and watching them laugh and wrestle together. Zack has a pretty good tackle! (it is, after all, one of his favorite games to play.) :) Dinner sat on the table and got cold for a good 15 minutes or so. But it was worth re-heating to watch them play and have fun!

February 2011
Zack and I were playing in his room. Suddenly, Zack runs in his closet and tries to close the door from the inside. He almost got it, but his fingers were sticking out. So when he moved his hand, I played along and shut him in the closet. He started to laugh, so I called out "Zack?! Where are you?" Then he burst out of the closet and tackled me to the ground! Laughing, he got up, ran into the closet, and tried to close it again. This turned into a little game for a good 20 minutes! Hahahaha Too funny that he thought of that on his own!

Zack also really likes to try and copy what people are saying. He doesn't always get it right, but he does his best to imitate things he hears, and is learning to talk quite a bit. Here are some that I've caught:

*In the midst of his REAL vocabulary that is growing, he has developed a little "Zacky-babble" of his own. It's hard to type out unless you've heard him, but it sounds something like "ticka tucka tucka tucka" with the 'ck' said in the back of the throat... You may need to practice it if you would like to speak with my son! ;)

*At the beginning of the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they say the phrase "Miska, Mooska, Mickey MOUSE!" Zack knows it's coming, so at the same time you'll hear him saying, "meh meh, moo moo, meeee MOU!"

*There is an App on the iPhone that is called Peek-a-Boo Barn. There is an animal behind a barn door. You click the door, it opens, and reveals the animal. The animal makes it's sound, then a child narrator tells you the name of the animal. Zack will imitate both the sound and the name of almost every animal.

*If he hears a police siren or ambulance, he will imitate the noise they make. Whether it's on the phone, TV, or out on the street, he'll make the sound!

*While we bless the food at meal times, Zack will fold his arms and mumble along with us, "de de bleh meh, ticka ticka... MEH! (that means "amen.") It varies from prayer to prayer, but the "amen" is always the same!

*When we go out to play, our grass is what me and my friends affectionately call a "dog poop mine field." (Oh the joys of condo living.) So when we are out, I'll say to Zack, "Don't step in the poopies! BLEK!" And as he passes each pile, he yells, "BLEK! BLEK!"

*When we aren't avoiding the poop, Zack loves to run down the grass hill by our house. As he stands at the top, I would say, "Ready, Set, GO!" and then Zack would run down the hill. Once he'd caught on, he would stand at the top of the hill and if I don't say anything, he looks at me and says, "Set?" and waits until I finish with "GO!" to run down the hill. So now whenever he wants a race of any kind, he just looks at me and says, "Set?" :) I love it!

Oh, I could go on and on about my little stud muffin! We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our lives. We truly got lucky to have him sent to us and we love him more and more each day!

Kristie Romberg

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