Max Has Arrived!

I've been such a slacker on the blogging. I hope to get better by starting out fresh with a blog about our new family member! Max Alan Romberg arrived healthy and perfect on Wednesday, February 29 2012 at 1:06am and we love him so much! I had a date to be induced early because he had been measuring big, but I am so thrilled that he came on his own, and that I was able to experience that (as I had already been induced with Zack and didn't know what it was like to let nature take it's course!) It's an uncomfortable experience that I would relive everyday if it meant getting someone this perfect! I loved being able to experience the contractions and the waiting (I know... Crazy, right?) But I loved it and am so glad he's here!
On Monday I started having contractions in the early evening (around 6:30). They kept me up that night so I timed them out. They were coming pretty consistent, about every 2-4 minutes and lasting about 30-45 seconds each. The next morning I had my regular Dr. visit, so I told him everything I'd been through the night before. He checked me, said I was at a 5, and sent me to the hospital! I was so excited! I called Clayton and he met me there.
However, the nurses at the hospital checked me and said I was only a 3. My contractions had become less consistent and less intense. So they kept me for 1 hour and I had not progressed, so they called Dr. Berry. He asked that I walk for 1 hour and see if that would spark any progression. So Clayton and I did a good speed walk around the Labor and Delivery, praying for progress for 1 hour. After that hour, nothing had happened. So they had to send me home. Apparently I was in labor, but not "active labor," as there was no progression. The nurses felt horrible, my doctor felt horrible, but I don't think anyone felt as bad as me! I went home and cried, and took a nap since I hadn't slept the whole night before. I woke up at around 5:00pm to some very intense contractions, more painful than the ones I'd been having for the past 24 hours. As crazy as it sounds, I was pretty excited! :) They continued to get worse, and with each contraction Clayton would ask me to rate my pain. When it got to a point I couldn't talk to him during the contractions, I took 2 hours to time them. This time they were very consistently coming every 4 minutes and lasting 1 minute each or more. We debated back and forth on whether to go back to the hospital. I was just so nervous they would send me home again, but Clayton convinced me to go back. So at 10:00pm, we packed up Zack, took him over to have a sleepover at Kyle and Heather's house and we headed up to the hospital. This nurse checked me, said I was at a 6, and they immediately got me hooked up to IVs and an epidural.
The later in the evening it got, the more nervous I got that I was going to have this baby on Leap Day. I had said from the beginning that I really didn't want that! But by 11:30pm, it had become inevitable that Max had his own plans, and would be here no sooner than February 29. At 12:30am, they called my doctor. He arrived soon there after, and promised that I would not have to push for 2 hours like I had done with Zack! After 15-20 minutes of pushing, Max was here!

He seemed to be doing really good. But at around 6:00am, his nurses noticed he seemed to be moaning a little, and his oxygen levels were a bit low. So they sent him up to the NICU. It was an interesting experience, but I am so glad he wasn't there for anything to serious. He had some really great nurses and we are glad he was well taken care of! He stayed in the NICU from Wednesday morning until Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday night I got up every 3 hours to call and see how he was to see if I needed to head upstairs to feed him, which I never did. Much like Zack as a newborn, he didn't want to eat much, so I just pumped whenever they told me I didn't need to feed him. I got discharged Thursday afternoon, so I went home that night without my baby. :( But I was continuing to pump every 3 hours at home, and they fed him bottles I'd left for him that night. Friday I spent all day up at the hospital specifically for the purpose of being there to feed him, as that was the last thing they needed him to do before we could get him ready for discharge. They arranged for me to stay in a guest room Friday night so that I could be readily available for feeding and pumping. He did great and wanted me to come feed him every 3 hours, so by Saturday afternoon, they prepared me to take him home!
Here he is with his "Eye Max" eye covers on while he hangs out under the lights for his jaundice! I thought it was cute! ;)
Before we could go, he had to pass "the car seat test." Basically, he had to sit in his car seat for 90 minutes and maintain good oxygen levels sitting in an upright position. He passed!
So he got to get dressed and go home on Saturday!

I'm SO excited to be home with my whole family together! I missed this little one!

Zack meeting Max for the first time.

Zack really liked Max from the beginning, and still does!

We were all able to watch BYU basketball together that night, and Max was able to show his cougar pride, thanks to my dad! Love the beanie dad! Thanks! :)

We are having so much fun with our new family of 4 and are continuing to learn from these boys everyday. I love them so much and am so blessed to have such wonderful children, and a wonderful husband! I LOVE MY BOYS!

Kristie Romberg

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Brad and Amber said...

So happy he is home and healthy! What a cute family!

Sara Kelley said...

You have Dr. Berry also?! I loooooved him!! Thanks for sharing Max's birth story--I love reading them.

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

Congrats!! Your family is adorable! What a bummer that he had to stay in NICU but I'm glad that everyone is happy and healthy. I bet he was one of the biggest babies in there though! :)

Jenalee said...

Congrats!!!!! Such a cute family of 4!!

Madison said...

I think that's awesome he was born on Leap Day! I had my baby just two weeks before you and our babies were almost exactly the same size. My little gal was 8 lbs. 5 oz. just like Max and 20 1/4 inches, just 1/4 inch shorter than your Max. Craziness. We have a special bond, Kristi ;). Glad you are all home and I hope everybody is still healthy and happy. You are a darling mom.