Discovery Museum

Since Clayton was busy in meetings during our stay at the Grand America a few weeks ago, I decided to take Zack to the Discovery Gateway Museum for a day. It was so much fun, and Zack enjoyed it a lot more than I thought he would! We were able to stay for pretty much the whole day (1, because Zack was having fun, and 2, because I wanted to get our money's worth... It's a bit pricey!) But it was a blast and I definitely want to take him back sometime! I took tons of picture and video of Zack exploring and having fun, and put up some of my favorites. It was also a very good experience for him to be around that many other kids learning to take turns and share, something we've been trying to reinforce with Zack recently. He did such a good job and I was so proud of him. His cheeks are so rosy because they were super dry. :( But he's still adorable and I love him to pieces!
They had this adorable little-kid grocery store and Zack loved to push the cart around.
They also had a farm where you could "plant and harvest" your own veggies. Zack is testing one of his potatoes he harvested. :)
Zack climbed up in there (almost) all by himself, and I was so proud! Then he quickly wanted out and back down to the ground. :) But I thought it was cute!
Zack thought this was pretty fun. He wasn't too impressed when I would drop the ball from the top like the epic game of "Plinko!" He just wanted to do it himself from about 2-3 rows from the bottom. But I guess doing it himself was what the whole museum is about, so I let him at it!
Zack also had a lot of fun making up new songs. He did a marvelous job!
His favorite place was the water discovery though. I think he just liked climbing up on the footstools, but he would always run back to this station and spend a lot of time there. He had so much fun!

And here is some fun videos of Zack discovering more in all these places! Other than the water, he really loved The Beehive where the balls would get sucked up the tube and travel through the hive. SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to take him back someday!

Kristie Romberg

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Kenneth and Valerie Romberg said...

Wow, what a special time. Zack is so growing up fast. He is a little Q-T. Love the blog up date. Love to know what's happening with everyone. Hope to see you all soon.
Love, G&G Kenny & Valerie

Kacie said...

that place looks amazing!! We like going to places like that cause they never get bored.