Pumpkin Prep

We have this awesome pumpkin patch just down the street from our house. They even have Hay Bail Mazes, a petting zoo, and a corn kernel pit! It was fun to go there and play, and pick out some great pumpkins as well.
The next night, we carved and decorated the pumpkins. Zack and I worked on painting his pumpkin, while Clayton worked on carving one for us to light up. We've had a lot of fun this Halloween, and it's so fun to see Zack experience it all!
And of course, the aftermath of pumpkin painting... :) Fun tub time!

Kristie Romberg

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Critchfield fam said...

Zach is soooo cute! I didn't know you were expecting. When are you due? I'm due Jan. 18... with another girl... is yours a girl or boy?

Skye, Patrick & the Kids said...

Really Kristy?! This is your most recent post? WoW! You are awful at blogging! haha Just Kiddin. I'm assuming there will be a really good one coming up here in a couple weeks. Love Your GUTS!-Skye